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Pre-selling – 7 Tips How to Pre-sell Products and Services


There are some people who are terrified by the word “selling.” If you are involved with online business then that is going to be a problem. You might feel that selling is shady, salesman-sy and dirty business. True success in affiliate marketing involves mastering the art of pre-selling.

Pre-selling essentially means that by the time your target customer clicks on your affiliate link, they have their credit card in hand, ready to make a purchase. Pre-selling is important because this means that your customers are ready to make a purchase before they even see the affiliate sales page that is provided by the company that owns the product.

Pre-selling can be carried out in a number of ways, but the majority of pre-selling is done from the affiliate’s own website. Some beginners might have a lot of banners on their website, linked to the affiliate sales page for the product, but you must understand that this alone will not work as a pre-selling strategy.

Pre-selling means that you set the stage for selling or you condition your customers to purchase the product you are promoting. The key to pre-selling is to initially develop the relationship with the prospect, and keep in mind that you should not emphasize on the product so much.

If you start to “sell” to a new prospect the very first time you talk to them, what will happen? They will probably think and then say to themselves, “Here we go again, another person trying to sell something.” When that happens, they come up with every excuse, which stops your selling process. This is the very reason why you need to know pre-selling.

Here are some tips for pre-selling:

1. Pre-selling starts by making sure that there is a product and market fit. Many entrepreneurs out there who are gifted when it comes to pre-selling however, they do not succeed.

Why? Because they are in the wrong market. Remember that no matter how skillful you are at pre-selling, you will not achieve success if you are pre-selling to the wrong market. So make sure to offer your content to those who will appreciate it.

2. Start your pre-selling strategy by describing the merchant. A successful pre-selling process starts by providing an evaluation of the merchant. If it is possible, you can point out the strengths and weaknesses of the merchant.

If you are one of your customers you will probably be asking these questions:

   – Do I understand what this product is?
   – What is the main purpose of this product?
   – Is this merchant someone I can trust?
   – How do I feel about this offer?

The answers to these questions should be answered during the pre-selling process. Of course, you will not be able to please every prospect you have but at least you would be able to write copy that “sells” the way you would like to be sold.

3. Part of the pre-selling technique is knowing the conversion. Once you have your first round of presell content in place, now is the time to test and track. In the process of testing and tracking, you will be looking into several things, like:

   • What day of the auto responder sequence did most of your prospects convert?
   • What is the open-rate for all days in the cycle?
   • Is there a point in the sequence when there were quite a number of prospects (who did not convert) stopped viewing your emails?

If the data you gather are proven unsatisfactory then you should consider re-writing some of the things that you use. After doing so you again watch and gather your data. See if those changes hold attention for a longer period.

You might also want to try out with how you bring information. For example, you can test the response of your prospects by giving away free e-book. Also, test the impact of that e-book by offering it at various points in the process.

4. Pre-selling also requires you to experiment as to how you deliver your message. Like what I have mentioned earlier, there are various ways wherein you can do pre-selling.

You might have one set of copy which focuses on a ‘story-telling’ approach, and another which focuses on the facts, the advantages, etc. If this is the case, do not be afraid to test both methods by splitting your leads into two lists in order to test the reaction to each system.

This strategy is very helpful most especially if you are unsure of the industry and you are not entirely sure what your prospects are expecting to hear. If you to do this then you would be able to get an idea as to what is your market’s mindset. You can adjust your approach accordingly from there.

5. Pre-selling involves research. If you have, no idea where you should start then it is best that you do a bit of a research on all of the merchant sites in your industry and drop in on any related message boards or chats you can find.

This will give you a glance into the language used by your prospects that will of course make pre-selling a little easier.

6. Pre-selling also includes providing prospects with useful content. A useful and informative content is by itself, is valuable, useful, and appreciated. At the same time, the content should point to the benefits of your product or service and that is of course part of pre-selling.

7. Your pre-selling content should have a subtle “sell.” Notice that I used the word “subtle, because if you do a hard sell then chances are you will scare away any prospects that you have.

Pre-selling is all about highlighting the benefits and advantages it can bring.

Now you know how to presell so, start doing!


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